Happy mommies at Living Hope

Most people are greatly alarmed when they hear that another abandoned baby has been found (many times not alive), but very few understand the circumstances that these moms find themselves in that leads them to abandoning their babies.

It is for this reason that The Living Hope Foundation has changed its recent efforts to include mothers who are facing crisis pregnancies. In line with this new strategy, it held its first Happy Mommie, Happy Baby event, at True Grit Bike Park, on Saturday April 14.

Apart from the support from the local community, Seeff Somerset West also donated knitted baby blankets and jerseys, nappies and other baby necessities.

This could not have come at a better time, since staff at The Living Hope Foundation are already caring for a small group of moms in crisis. In addition to encouraging them to find a new dream for their lives, their physical needs also have to be dealt with as many are still at school or unemployed.

Staff believe that a Crisis Pregnancy Centre is much needed in the local community, because the lack of a basic support system and care from family and friends have left many moms in the past in such desperation, that they believe abandoning their baby is the only way out.

The Living Hope Foundation believes this social injustice can be changed by offering the moms in crisis a better option, starting with a place of safety where they can experience love and acceptance, educating and empowering them to make better choices. The staff would like to thank everyone who has supported them on their journey thus far, and encourage the public to continue supporting their cause and see the Crisis Pregnancy Centre become a reality. For more information contact Eunice on 081 775 1824.