Handmade knitted toys

Patricia Burger

Patricia Burger recently delivered handmade knitted toys to Helderberg Hospice. Patricia has been a volunteer since 2018, and has been a stalwart in their reception, working a permanent shift every Thursday morning.

Patricia says she really enjoys what she does, and gets to meet to meet different people and learn about their stories.

Being able to volunteer at Helderberg Hospice has really made her appreciate life and what she has more than ever, she says.

When asked how she became a volunteer, she said: “Well, I always drove past here on my way to church and wondered if I could help out there. I had a lot of time on my hands, and wanted to help someone’s day be a little bit easier and brighter.”

Three years ago she started her own business, called Hoona, where she knits anything and everything, and Hospice is often the recipient of her handiwork.

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