Great service

David Bruce, Helderberg Village

A few weeks ago I wanted to replace a folding seat in my shower which had been affixed to the shower wall for about 12 years.

I obtained a second-hand one, but the aluminium plate which one attaches to the wall and holds the seat in place, needed epoxy coating.

I had previously had a garden furniture set epoxy coated at Aspect Epoxy Powder Coating, and they did an excellent job.

I took it to Aspect, where the plate was recoated and looked as good as new.

I explained to the owner, William Colombo, that I was having difficulty in removing the old one from the wall.

He devised a thread with bolts and told me that would do the job.

My maintenance man was unable to do so, so I returned to Mr Colombo. He said he would come and look after work, which he duly did.

The job proved a little more difficult than was envisaged, so Mr Colombo returned on two more occasions, each time armed with an ever-expanding number of tools.

After the third visit the offending seat was removed and the refurbished one affixed in its place.

I asked for the invoice so I could pay for the job which was conducted in Mr Colombo’s own time, and he said that there would be no charge.

“I enjoyed the challenge,” he said.