Gender gap query

Jessame Malan, Somerset West

The Academic page of last week’s Bolander refers. The two scholars from Bridge House School – one girl and one boy – have very different captions.

Why the is the boy labelled as “the top achieving boy matriculant”?

Then the Somerset College pair, Caitlin is labelled as “the top girl matriculant”.

In this day and age of trying to reduce sexism, why is their position on a gender list even mentioned?

Surely their academic achievements come down to much hard work over the years?

Their individual placings among the whole matric class is far more appropriate.

If your aim was to have a balance between the girls and boys photos on the page, then just leave out their position on the gender achievement lists
(which shouldn’t even exist) and state how many distinctions they achieved and other awards.

Under the Paul Roos caption mentioning that Ben-Jason was head boy and Cherese head girl for Helderberg High School
are quite in order as they show a different aspect of their school careers and achievements.

There is no indication of who wrote these comments.

Whether they have been sent by the schools or written by a staffer, they could have been edited in order to create parity and responsible reporting.