Gamers gather at Playtopia

Visitors to Playtopia were welcomed with a glow in the dark immersive art experience.

Gamers gathered to enjoy Playtopia, an event dedicated to games and interactive art, which took place over the weekend at the Homecoming Centre in District Six.

Playtopia aimed to honour South Africa’s game development and immersive arts community, fostering inspiration for the upcoming generation of innovators, players and enthusiasts.

Visitors experienced local and international indie games; talks and panel discussions, exhibitions by prominent South African interactive artists; alternative, artistic, and party games; virtual reality rooms and a dedicated Super Friendship Arcade room showcasing games played with custom controllers.

Kate Ferreira and Franco Kellerman from Observatory try an immersive game together.
Art on display at Playtopia.
Otto Markovitz from Gardens doing some crafts.
Crew members O’Neil Schutte from Lakeside and Paul Grose from Claremont
Nomso Nwachukwu from Table View and Dorothy Orina from Kenya try out the controller games.
Theo Scott Van Zyl from Walmer Estate gets playing.
Suzanne Snowdowne from Constantia looks on as her sons Nate, 13, and Logan, 14, play games.