Foundation laid for Morkel’s Cottage project

Construction workers laying foundations for the first of the new houses at Morkels Cottage.

Construction of 547 semi-detached and detached single-storey houses in Morkel’s Cottage, Strand, started on Tuesday March 27.

The project should be completed in 2019.

“It gives me great joy to see the start of the Morkel’s Cottage project which has been on the cards since the City purchased the land from the previous owner with the view to implement a housing development on the farm. This development was included in a tender which allowed for the development of three areas, namely Morkel’s Cottage, Temperance Town and Sercor Park,” said the City’s Mayco member for transport and urban development, Brett Herron.

“The development of the latter two areas was completed in the 2014/15 financial year. However, the Morkel’s Cottage development was delayed for various reasons including environmental restrictions due to the presence of protected plant species on the site.

“The delays were finally resolved in December 2016, and we could proceed with the development of the Morkel’s Cottage portion of the contract in January 2017.

“The total budget for this development is nearly R146 million,” said Mr Herron. “We cannot determine the exact number of top structures until the subsidy administration process, which is currently underway, is completed. This is dependent on the specific criteria that applies to each individual applicant, and which has varying results.”

“The beneficiaries are the residents of the existing informal areas of Morkel’s Cottage, Beverley Hills and Dark City. The remainder of the beneficiaries will be selected via the City’s housing database waiting lists, mostly drawn from the Strand area,” Mr Herron said.

According to Mayco member for area east, Anda Ntsodo, families from Morkel’s Cottage will be prioritised, which will allow the properties where these beneficiaries are situated to also be developed.