Fleur du Cap winner Daniel Newton stars in Shadow Boxing

Daniel Newton stars in Shadow Boxing on at The Drama Factory.

The production, Shadow Boxing, starring Fleur du Cap winner Daniel Newton, directed by award-winning director Mdu Kweyama, is on at The Drama Factory this month.

The show is about a 21-year-old heavyweight fighter burdened by the shadow of his father’s past and bigotry and his own internalised perceptions of masculinity.

The show, recently had a celebrated critically acclaimed run at The Edinburgh Fringe festival, and has multiple sell out runs in South Africa.

Alone on a stage adorned with nothing but a metal bucket, a punching-bag, a worn pair of boxing gloves and a suit jacket, the character Flynn tells us his story, weaving his gut-wrenching narrative through his cruel childhood, his rise to boxing stardom, and his tragic fall from grace.

Audiences find themselves in the role of second actor, spoken to as a confidant, holding their breath as Daniel pushes himself to the edge both physically and emotionally. In just an hour, Daniel, a UCT Drama School graduate, single-handedly relays Flynn’s story.

While rage and frustration come easily to Flynn, it’s his moments of fear and vulnerability that hold your heart. Daniel holds nothing back, skillfully combining moments of chaotically grueling physical exertion with quiet reflection, insight and compassion as he reluctantly embraces who he is – with devastating consequences.

The productions is written by James Gaddas Directed by Mdu Kweyama. Shows are on Friday October 20, at 7.30pm, Saturday October 21, at 7.30pm and on Sunday October 22, at 4pm. Tickets cost R120 and R150.

Book tickets online on the direct booking page at www.thedramafactory.co.za/show/Newton23 or call 073 215 2290 for bookings or further enquiries. Emails can also be sent to info@thedramafactory.co.za