Fleecing public

P Duvenage, Gordon’s Bay

“Mark-up normal” (Bolander letters, February 24) deserves further comment.

Recently my grandson and I each drank a 340ml can of soda at the Hypermarket centre in Somerset West.

I was shocked at the bill, which was R38 (or R19 each).

Despite the heatwave I had to ask for ice after delivery – so much for the so-called staff training Mr Brown mentioned.

Obviously every diner appreciates an ambience that is nice, and realises that it does not come cheap.

But how many times a year, month or week do you charge it?

This explains the fancy expensive cars in the parking lot at the back of the restaurant.

In addition to your normal 200 percent profit you also expect the diners to pay your staff’s salaries with tipping.

As for your so-called staff training: I enjoy my food well done. Most restaurants do not know what it means, despite your staff training.

Invariably I have to send my food back, or not to cause a scene with my guests I just eat it.

No Mr Brown, you are wrong, and the public is being fleeced.