Firey planet

Klaus Eickelmann, Somerset West

I have just read Norman McFarlane’s article “Fire season looms” with particular interest.

It reminded my wife and I of our trip in 2013 through that exact area of Colorado.

The dense smoke and the flags flying half-mast are still vivid in our minds.

The attached photo should have really been discarded a long time ago, as it is so bad, but for nostalgic reasons I kept it anyhow.

On another note:

When I read WA Richter’s letter in the Bolander of Wednesday October 25, making such over the top comment as “frivolous rock song, epitome of poor taste and insensitivity”, and to go on demanding an apology to the community, my hackles started to raise and I couldn’t help thinking, “Oh dear, have the bunny huggers and holier-than-thou’s from Europe finally caught up with us here in South Africa too?”

I had intended to respond earlier, but I am glad Emile Shreve beat me to it.

You couldn’t have summed it up better in your letter “No apology needed”.

Carolyn Frost’s original article was warm and it certainly touched my heart.

And that comes from a bloke who doesn’t get sentimental too easily.