Fear not

Marie Swanepoel, Somerset West

“For the thing which I greatly feared is come upon me and that which I was afraid of is come unto me.”

There is a story about a man who got it all and lost it all. How? by his own (mouth) words. Words are powerful. If I say it long enough, I start believing it and what I believe I get.

In the Bolander of Wednesday October 25 the “Drought boat missed” letter by Patrick Reavell refers.

Up till now nobody responded to this writer’s letter, because it was not addressed to somebody in particular and the people in charge a decade ago are either dead or retired.

Patrick Reavell is well informed and in my mind very knowledgeable and intelligent. I believe he has a lot of insight and expertise to share on how the Western Cape Government should go about preventing the next water crisis.

Yesterday and a decade ago is water under the bridge.

Maybe we should stop complaining and blaming and start
sharing what we have to help resolving

In Somerset West we have highly educated people from all spheres and from countries all over the globe.

The same with the complaining and blam ing of the “River Project”. I am a property owner directly influenced by the ongoing disrupting construction works.

I have many concerns about the project and, among others, the trees and vegetation in its path.

I contacted each and every official involved directly. We have had several site meetings. I raised my concerns. I shared
my limited knowledge and insight with

We are managing it together, it is going well and eventually it will end well.

Mr McFarlane in last week’s Bolander surely knows what Helen Zille should do
about the gangster problem.

Instead of criticising and blaming, get involved.

To above-mentioned gentlemen somebody knowledgeable said there is no better sight then hindsight.

In Afrikaans we are saying: “Ek het Joe most gese.”

What I tend to forget is that what I am saying is coming to pass for myself.

Never say what you do not want.