Fare thee well

On Saturday morning, a journey of 18 years came to an end, when Dr Claudien of Teva Vet arrived at my home, and gently helped my little cat Linki (aka Scruffy), to depart from this life.

She came into my life as a little runty kitten, found on a farm under a pile of wood, after her mother had been killed by dogs.

Intrepid little lass, twice she walked back to previous farm cottages, when I moved higher up on the Blaauwklippen Road, where I lived for many years.

I often called her Elusive Queen of Mystery, because she would move about so quietly, unobserved, always aware of predators overhead.

She was my constant companion, and through all the years of my work as the editor of Bolander, she lay next to my computer on the desk, or on my lap for warmth in winter, and at night she lay perched on top of me, always purring gustily.

I placed her in a final resting spot under a tree in a dappled spot in the garden, with a few dried rose buds, some porcupine quills, a few special stones I’d collected at our various homes (we’d moved many times), and said a prayer of gratitude.

For love, friends, family, life, work, health, and an abundance of blessings.

To the girl with the emerald eyes, you will be with me always.

Thank you, too, all our dear Bolander readers and advertisers, who have shared almost 12 years of lovely stories and pictures and letters.

It’s time for a break, and a time-out for reflection and (I trust) rejuvenation.

We wish you all a peaceful Christmas, a prosperous New Year, and safe travelling for those who are not remaining here.

I, for one, intend stocking up the larder, and heading out to my hammock with a book and binoculars.

Carolyn Frost – Editor