Eskom woes

Eskom power lines. Picture: Henk Kruger/African News Agency (ANA)

Len Walker, Somerset West

With Eskom in total disarray with stories of coal shortages and maintenance problems, and unable to keep to loadshedding schedules, one wonders what the true story is behind their present problems.

In 1994, when the previous government handed over Eskom to the ANC, the utility was cash flush and everything was in sound working order.

Once the ANC took over control, many of the former government-employed engineers saw the writing on the wall, and decided to pack their bags and to emigrate to countries like New Zealand and Australia.

If the truth had to be known, it would appear that the brain drain of those former engineers has never been replaced, and Eskom is now short or devoid of the necessary technical skills to maintain the operating plant in proper working order.

Furthermore, the cash funds have either been stolen or misused to the extent that a debt of almost R500 billion has been created.