Eseltjiesrus celebrates 15 years of reading pleasure

Jan-Hendrik van Deventer, Matthew Davids and Franklin Adendorf say hello to a resident donkey.

Eseltjiesrus Donkey Sanctuary, McGregor, will soon be celebrating 15 years of their love for books, and promoting a culture of reading, at the annual book fair, from Friday May 17 to Sunday May 19.

This is an event for book lovers, bargain hunters and those readers looking for special treasures.

The storytelling and book reading theatre for children was introduced last year to make sure that no one visiting the fair, is deprived of the joy of reading a good book.

The tables will once again groan under the weight of thousands of new and fresh pre-owned books on a variety of topics at rock-bottom prices.

Every book purchased at the fair, will aid donkeys in need.

Eseltjiesrus Donkey Sanctuary provides a permanent refuge for abused, neglected and elderly donkeys just outside McGregor.

Here they are given the opportunity to live out their lives with respect and dignity, surrounded by their own kind, in a protective and natural environment. Each donkey is cared for and checked daily according to their individual needs and ages.

A part of the work of the sanctuary that is growing steadily, is to deal with queries from across the country regarding good donkey care. Most problems arise from ignorance or the misbelief that donkeys do not need regular handling or appropriate care.

The help given in this way, no doubt contributes to raising the status of donkeys in the eyes of the public.

Each individual donkey that is helped is one less in pain, discomfort or suffering mental anguish.

Although the success of this year’s book fair in McGregor will once again play a major role in supporting the work done at the donkey sanctuary, the community will also benefits from this event.

Work is created, books are donated to schools and libraries in the greater Langeberg area and the Breede Skills Centre will receive all the books read to children in the storytelling and book reading theatre.

For more information, call 023 625 1593, email, or visit

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