Entry/ exit farce

Professor WA Richter, Somerset West

When one completes the formal entrance inspection at Helderberg Village, you are issued with a little piece of paper with a number on it. You are supposed to enter the number on a little keyboard just before the boom. Now in daytime it’s not a problem, but when it gets dark there’s no illumination on or around the keyboard.

Also, the keys are completely blackened by dirt and/or wear. Just to confuse first-timers even more, there is a similar adjacent keyboard.

The ridiculous process is, of course, repeated when you leave. I have complained about this every time I go to Helderberg Village, but there doesn’t seem to be sufficient brainpower available to understand or register the problem.

I visit a lady friend with a physical disability periodically, and I like to think the visits are important to her, as it affords her an opportunity to get out of the complex.

However, I get so annoyed at the gate stupidity that I have considered not going

Helderberg Village master homeowners association CEO, Vagn Nielsen, responds:

Helderberg Village prides itself on its “state of the art” security system that contributes to the safety of all its residents.

Village management is regrettably unaware of Professor Richter’s complaint regarding his recent experience when entering and exiting Helderberg Village,
and would like to extend a sincere apology for any inconvenience caused.

The security gates and forecourt at the main entrance of the village are sufficiently illuminated to process visitors to the village, but at the same time, to not cause light pollution to the immediate homes located within metres of the security gates.

While security officers are on duty to assist visitors during their accessing and exiting procedures, they are unable to override the security systems and open the security booms.

Strict access control forms part of the security solution at Helderberg Village. 

On the arrival of an unannounced visitor at the security gates, the resident being visited is contacted and s/he authorises access. If access is granted, the security system generates a secure access code which the visitor enters into a keypad to open the security boom on entry and exit.

The adjacent keypad referred to by Professor Richter is a biometric reader used to allow quick access for those persons who are registered on the pre-cleared visitor system.  This system allows for the family and friends of each resident to be registered on the biometric system, thus eliminating the need to stop and be issued with an access code before entering the Village.

Pre-cleared family and friends simply drive to the boom, touch the biometric reader and access will immediately be granted.

 Professor Richter’s friend in the village is welcome to contact village security and have him pre-cleared for future visits.