Eet Kreef! album songs performed live on stage

From left, are band members, Laudo Liebenberg and Schalk van der Merwe during one of the EET KREEF! performances.

Music recorded on the iconic Afrikaans EET KREEF! album will be performed live in Stellenbosch on Saturday March 19, at The Daisy Jones Bar.

Johannes Kerkorrel and Die Gereformeerde Blues Band made headlines in those tumultuous years and EET KREEF! became one of the top iconic alternative Afrikaans album releases at the time.

The younger (than 80’s) generation musicians that re-recorded these amazing tunes a few years ago, has also been applauded for the accompanying live shows at the time.

This time around, EET KREEF! are Laudo Liebenberg (aKING), on vocals, Frank Freeman, on guitar and vocals, Sheldon Yoko, on drums, Schalk van der Merwe on bass and Mikhaela Kruger, on keyboard.

Mr Freeman says that they are excited to be on stage again to showcase this incredibly popular production: “We came to a point where we thought that the live-shows for EET KREEF HERLEEF! have come to an end, but there has been a steady demand for more shows in both Cape Town and Gauteng.

“It’s ironic that this music was originally made in a tumultuous time, and we are doing these shows in a new tumultuous era.”

Mr Freeman who initiated the project (live shows and album), reminds how it all came together: “I rediscovered Johannes Kerkorrel`s music in 2018 and was amazed at just how relevant these tunes still were. I felt compelled to work with it.

“The EET KREEF HERLEEF! shows that we did so far, made it evident that people are quite emotionally attached to these songs. It made me realise that we are busy with something more than just a re-interpretation of the music, we are also re-delivering this important music from three decades ago, just in another time and context.”

There will be only one show in Stellenbosch, tickets are R180 in pre-sales and cost R200 at the door. For bookings, go to,