Earth to Eat dinner series hosted at Spier

The Vadas Smokehouse & Bakery at the Spier wine farm.

The Vadas Smokehouse & Bakery at Spier wine farm, presents the Earth to Eat winter dinner series where diners can this month and the next, learn more on precisely where the food on the plate comes from and how it ends up on their plate.

As part of the winter dinner series, Vadas will be hosting four dinners at Spier wine farm, each with one of its suppliers in attendance, for an evening of sustainably-sourced food and a selection of award-winning Spier wines.

Giving dinner guests a chance to get the real story behind the growth, production and journey of their food.

According to Vadas, the restaurant’s supply partners are as passionate as they are about the environment and the people who depend on it. They are all, in their own way, deeply committed to sustainable and regenerative principles and practices.

Join the team at Vadas for an evening of fantastic food, keen insights and valuable lessons about the food we eat – and the land and waters that support it.

Dinners in the Earth to Eat series include:

Abalobi on Saturday July 30, at 6pm.

Abalobi challenges consumers to think sustainably about the fish they eat. Their ‘Fish with a Story’ initiative provides full traceability of all of their produce and evidence of an impressively low-carbon operational footprint supply chain. Working with small-scale fisheries, Abalobi has created a business model that focuses on delivering lasting social, economic and ecological change.

Lowerland on Saturday August 20, at 6pm.

Lowerland works with nature to champion biodiversity and regenerative farming practices and increase agricultural resilience. Lowerland believes in the power of social and environmental regeneration to enable future generations to prosper.

Farmer Angus on Saturday September 3, at 6pm.

Farmer Angus rears grass-fed beef on Spier’s lush organic pastures. With a focus on biodynamic and regenerative agricultural practices, Farmer Angus demonstrates the importance of balance between how we nurture the planet and what it gives us in return.

With space for cattle, pigs and laying hens to roam freely, the animals give back to the earth, so there is no need for hormones, antibiotics, artificial preservatives or glyphosates.

Spier Food Garden on Saturday September 17, at 6pm.

The Spier Food Garden supplies our restaurants with delicious and nutritious fresh veggies, salad and herbs, produced without the use of any inorganic pesticides or artificial fertilisers. Worm compost and weekly foliar sprays (a natural form of fertiliser) keep the produce fresh while a paddle of 15 Indian Runner ducks takes care of unwelcome critters.

All dinners start at 6pm and include five courses and a selection of Spier wines. Costs are R500 per person and space is limited. Book at or call 021 809 1137.

Dinner guests will be able to gain insight into the journey of their food served at the Earth to Eat dinners hosted at Vadas Smokehouse & Bakery.