Eagle eyes

Isaac Chater, Somerset West

Thanks to the readers (“Spot the difference”, Bolander, August 2) for explaining the difference between the Spotted Eagle Owl and the Cape Eagle Owl.

I thought I would send you a photo taken recently, above, of a visitor to our garden near Vergelegen Hospital.

The little birds in the garden were making a huge noise, so I went to investigate to see whether a cat or snake was in the garden, but instead found this owl sitting in the rain, and the birds flying around its head and making a great noise.

It was not in the least perturbed that I photographed it. It just shook the raindrops off and sat on the same branch for a couple of hours, from about 2pm until late that afternoon.

The photo shows the eyes that Pierre Hofmeyer spoke about in his letter, making it easier to identify the type of owl.

I do think this might have been a young bird.