Drumming circle

* Baka, left, is holding a drumming circle at the Somerset West hall library, on Friday April 15, at 7pm. Baka has been playing and teaching drums for about 11 years in South Africa. He is originally from the DRC. His own company, Kokoro, Drumming was founded in 2008. He has his own demo CD, for which he wrote the songs, composed the music, played the drum and sang. Kokoro means “state of the spirit”.

Baka believes that as long as you have a heartbeat, you can play the drum. He also says: “From one beat you can play a rhythm and release your stress.” And above all, it is a lot of fun… and great for the arm muscles.

The cost is R100 including the use of a drum, and R75 excluding the use of a drum.

To book, contact Debra on 082 902 9462.