Drakenstein municipality responds to protest organised by activist group

On Wednesday March 29, an activist group, which included Drakenstein Environmental Watch (DEW) took to the streets of Wellington and expressed their concerns about the municipality’s Waste-to-Energy project, surrounding the environmental and health impacts associated with incineration.

The concerns raised by the group include emissions and fine ash, contamination of the Berg River and agricultural land as well as various health concerns.

At the end of the march, citizens were greeted by the executive mayor and members of the mayoral committee, who listened to the concerns of the individuals and engaged in a discussion with them.

“We thank our residents for their engagement, however would like to encourage them not to follow false information which is being circulated by other parties,” said Dr Johan Leibbrandt, municipal manager at Drakenstein municipality.

“The Municipality of Drakenstein is a responsible government that will not allow anything detrimental to affect our community.

“Once all the statutory requirements have been fulfilled by August 2018, Council will consider all the facts and will make the final decision, until then we aim to keep our community informed and up-to-date regarding the progress.

“We have always and will continue to act in the best interest of our communities. We govern according to the laws of this country and we are handling this proposed Waste-to-Energy project, as specific legislation requires us to do.

“Drakenstein Municipality has a track record of listening to its community and we intend to live up to this reputation.

“This country is well regulated when it comes to environmental matters as well as project processes of this magnitude and as a responsible government we adhere to these legal requirements,” said Dr Leibbrandt.

For more information about the Waste-to-energy project in Wellington, can contact the municipality or visit its website, at www.drakenstein.gov.za