Dog day afternoon

■ Bolander attended a gathering at Radloff Park on Saturday afternoon, where concerned residents of the Helderberg and beyond congregated with their dogs, to show solidarity in their quest to have it officially declared an “off-lead park”. This follows the release of a City of Cape Town proposal for an off-lead area that is considered “totally inadequate” by many residents and walkers. Lindy McDonald, who organised the “Keep Radloff Free” action group, said: “We feel Radloff has developed over the past years as a direct result of the dog walkers, through the Friends of Radloff Park (FORP) improvements, including bins, benches, wooden bridges and a permanently-employed park cleaner, paid for by contributors to FORP.” She added that “Councillor Stuart Pringle has given his assurance that ‘there are no proposals to develop Radloff Park’.”
Pictured, clockwise from bottom left, Howard Fuchs holds his sign aloft, a Great Dane plays with a feisty Jack Russell terrier, Ella Parkin, 5, with Eeyore; a spaniel views the proceedings; John and Linda Wilhelm with Phoebe; and a poodle/signpost.