Disruption of water supply.

W Richter, Somerset West

Around the middle of February, residents of the Steynsrust area have been subjected to sporadic cuts in their water supply, without any advance warning or explanation by the Cape Town Municipality.

There was a lot of digging along the sidewalks going on virtually every day, which seemed to be related to the installation of optic fibre cables. Often the disruption occurred for an hour or two, or even several hours, even in the evening.

One morning there was zero water supply – insane! How do people who have to go to work shower, or use a toilet?

On February 19, I phoned the municipality about this situation, and got an SMS response that the complaint was logged.

No contact or apology at all thereafter.

It seems that the municipality cares two hoots about the inconvenience bestowed on taxpayers in some suburbs in Somerset West.

It is simply scandalous.