Desperately seeking Tom

Tom is missing.

Liz Ward, Stellenbosch

Our beloved Tom has been missing for 12 weeks now so he could have travelled a long way. He is about five or six years old, neutered and chipped.

In 2014 he came to my house as few months after my previous kitty died.

Initially he would come in when I was not home, or at night to eat the pellets I left out, and then four months later I managed to make friends and catch him.

I really thought he belonged to someone as he is such a handsome boy.

I asked everywhere and eventually took him to have him sterilised and check if he was chipped.

So Tom came home with me in September 2014, he settled in so well and befriended my neighbour’s cats, as we rent on a farm.

We decided he
had to be Tom because for four months we spoke about the tom

He is such a gentle soul, he has brought such joy to our home and we miss him terribly.

Tom is very and cautious around people and does not like loud noises.

Tom went missing in June, but we are still positive that he is alive, but perhaps so far away now that he can’t find his way home safely.

We rent on a farm on the Blaauwklippen Road outside Stellenbosch, but because he has been gone so long, he could be anywhere.

If you see Tom, please phone us at 084 529 0973 or 083 459 9575.

We are offering a reward.