Deep Blue woes

Gideon Volschenk, Helderberg

I read with much interest the Deep Blue saga which you unveiled in your April 3 edition (“Deep Blue catch-22”). I, for one, should be very happy to see the end of the Blue eyesore on Strand beach.

Much was said about the interaction between Mr Van Almenkerk and the authorities, but no mention was made about the application of certain provisions of the Integrated Coastal Management Act.

I am not a lawyer or an expert on the said Act, but I do get the feeling that it should be brought into the equation at some time, if this has not already been done.

I have not seen any drawings or plans, but converting what appears to be quite a small space into a beach bar, a public toilet facility, a small amphitheatre, a helipad, a space that can accommodate life-savers and neighbourhood watches, together with a slipway for boats, appears to be somewhat ambitious.