Dangerous road surface

Garth Lewis, Gordon’s Bay

Several months ago, we had one of many burst water pipes in front of our house in Miller Street, Gordon’s Bay.

The road surface has, to date, never been repaired, and the holes in some places are almost six inches deep. The damage to the road surface is almost garage-size in extent.

I estimate that it has been like this for over six months, and nobody is responding to my appeals for repair, despite my numerous service request calls, the latest of which I made on October 11.

It is so dangerous, that a motorcyclist would be seriously injured, should he or she hit it.

We have an unsightly monster of a house being built down the road, and the constructions trucks are not helping the situation.

This is a dangerous situation, and it is essential that it be attended to.

Mr Lewis told Bolander on Thursday, that the City has finally responded, and commenced the repair process. This occurred after Bolander submitted a media inquiry to the City last Tuesday.City of Cape Town mayoral committee member for utility services, Ernest Sonnenberg responds:

Our records reflect two bursts in Miller Street during June 2016, and that these have been attended to and the roads reinstated.

It is at this stage unclear how or when this road surface was damaged, or how the oversight occurred, however this is being investigated.

Residents are also assured that this section of road has been again listed for reinstatement and will be attended to as soon as possible.