Dangerous ditch in Abelia Road

Professor W Richter, Somerset West

About two weeks ago a ditch appeared near the top of Abelia road, Somerset West, almost right across the width of the road.

Initially the ditch with sharp edges was left completely bare. A few days later it was filled with soil, and some gravel.

Naturally the filling erodes quickly, considering the heavy traffic along Abelia. Now it has reached a state where the depth and sharp edges can damage tyres and rims, and even the suspension of a vehicle if one goes through it unawares.

People who are not aware of this ditch are victims in particular, more so at night when one does not expect this kind of anomaly in the road.

It is also extremely dangerous, as people brake instinctively when realizing the depth of the ditch, increasing the chances of a rear-end collision.

This situation amounts to criminal negligence, and the people responsible should be prosecuted.

Bolander would do a great service to the community if they can establish who perpetrated this unbelievable indiscretion.


Ed’s reply: We have sent this letter to the City of Cape Town.