DA continues to dominate in Sub-council 24 wards

According to the election results for this year’s municipal elections the DA was, as in 2016, again the dominant winner of wards in Sub-council-24.

This sub-council, consisting of wards 15, 84 and 109, also had quite a few unexpected contenders making their mark on the voter’s scoreboard bumping them up to positions in the top five performing parties.

According to results supplied on the website of the Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC), the DA secured almost 90% of the votes in Ward 15, with the party’s votes amounting to an impressive 89.64%, this was however, a slight decline compared to the party’s 94.63% achieved in 2016.

In second place, was the Freedom Front Plus securing a total of 4.2% of the votes, an increase from the party’s 1.22% in the 2016 municipal elections.

The ACDP this year moved up one place from its 2016 fourth-place win, the party came third this year with 2.75% of the votes. In fourth place was the Cape Independence Party winning 0.96% of the votes, while the newly-established Good political party ended up in fifth place, winning 0.7% of the votes.

The ANC this year experienced a decline in voters’ support and ended up with 0.45% of the votes in this ward, in comparison to the second-place win in 2016 with a voter’s percentage of 1.44%.

In Ward 84, one of the bigger wards in Sub-council 24, the DA once again took the lead and raked in a total of 81.13% votes, slightly lower than their 2016, 88.13%.

In second place was the ANC with 6.7%, the third spot went to the ACDP with a total of 2.83% votes and the Freedom Front Plus retained its 2016 fourth-place position, this year winning 2.68% of the votes, an increase to the 0.98% of the votes secured in 2016.

The FF Plus is followed by newcomer Good with a 2.06% voter’s percentage, putting the party in fifth place.

Ward 109 again saw the DA as top performer obtaining 67.07% votes, here surprisingly, the new political competitor, Good secured the second place with 8.77% of the votes, the ACDP ended third with 6.88%, followed by the ANC with 6.7% and the Cape Coloured Congress secured 2.58% of the votes in Ward 109.