Cycling for life…

Riding for the Helderberg Hospice Go Gettersteam are Marlene Dockrall, Samantha Dockrall, and Greg Norman.

What makes nearly 300 cyclists ride non-stop on a stationary bike for 12 hours? What drives their endurance and keeps them in the saddle, hour after relentless hour? As the day wore on and the leg cramps set in, the cyclists at Helderberg Hospices’ Cycling for Life event on Saturday May 19 were probably asking themselves these very same questions.

But they were all riding for a great reason – to raise funds for Helderberg Hospice.

The energy and enthusiasm generated by the cyclists and their supporters spoke loudly of their passionate commitment to help sustain the special care provided by Helderberg Hospice.

Funds raised at this annual event sustain the services of the home care sisters, who care for patients in their own homes, ensuring that they are able to spend their last days in comfort and dignity, surrounded by their loved ones and all that is familiar and dear to them.

Many cyclists rode in memory of their loved ones or in solidarity with those receiving cancer treatments.

Cyclists of all ages and fitness levels took part in this challenge, riding an epic 10 082km from 6am to 6pm on the day, the equivalent of cycling from Cape Town to Belfast, Ireland.

Helderberg Hospice would like to thank the event sponsors, Hyundai Somerset West, and salutes all those who worked so hard for this event, both on and off the saddle.