Conversations to build a dream with e’Bosch and Distell

At the Distell workshop last week, are Thandi Chaane (seated left, front row) with eBosch representatives and Distell Foundation team at their social cohesion workshop, which she facilitated at the Stellenbosch University Museum.

Another step has been taken towards fulfilling a dream of forging a future Stellenbosch community where everyone knows, appreciates and respects one another in an e’Bosch Heritage Project and Distell Foundation workshop held on Saturday September 3, at the University Museum.

Participants of the workshop included the Distell Foundation team, e’Bosch representatives, academia and an extended network, who shared their dreams, personal experiences and commitment for an inclusive and welcoming Stellenbosch for all.

Thandi Chaane, the facilitator of the dialogue, is the co-founding director of The Human Capital Engine, a consultancy focused on organisational transformation, diversity management and human capital development.

She is an expert change-enabler who works with communities throughout the continent on human rights and diverse cultural issues.

The various role-players were invited to reinforce the commitments made in 2011 by the founders of the e’Bosch Heritage Project at the same venue where the decision was made to build a Monument of Intent of the future heritage of Stellenbosch.

Their subsequent Declaration of Intent, adopted in 2012 by the rector and mayor of Stellenbosch (co-founding partners) describes the dream for an inclusive Stellenbosch community where we know, appreciate and respect one another.

“The aim of the workshop was to increase the awareness of different social perspectives and to dream about a future Stellenbosch and the commitments people are prepared to make to achieve it.

“The outcome made a contribution to understanding South Africa’s motto: Unity in Diversity, capturing our collective beliefs and ideals.

“The workshop also affirmed the validity of the e’Bosch process, crafting a collective culture that forms the basis of the e’Bosch Heritage Project to address the dire need for mutual understanding and respect between all our different communities,” says Dr Sias Mostert, chairman of the e’Bosch Heritage Project executive committee.

“We appreciate the contributions of the facilitator Thandi Chaane, an educator by heart, who delivered an inspiring message bringing the South African history to life through her personal experiences and encounters.”

“Many light and intense moments were shared when she told authentic stories about our shared history, the impact thereof and how we can move forward.”

“The workshop was experienced as inspirational, sincere and action-driven by all,” says Heidi Bartis, general manager of corporate affairs and head of the Distell Foundation.

“We are thankful to the Distell Foundation whose commitment towards the e’Bosch Heritage Project has grown beyond the School Choir Festival to co-investing in the social fabric between all the communities in Stellenbosch. In the process we are discovering together what it means to be a South African,” says Dr Mostert.