Controlled burn of Renosterveld

The ecological controlled burn of Linton Parks Renosterveld will ensure its long term sustainability.

Linton Park Wine Estate in Wellington is custodian of 2% of the world’s rare and threatened Renosterveld, which relies on fire for its sustainability.

This type of veld must be burned about once in 15 years, and Into Park recently undertook a controlled ecological burn of its Renosterveld, so-called because its grey colouring is said to be reminiscent of the hide of a black rhino.

Commercial director, Herman le Roux, takes up the story: “We decided on the recent controlled ecological burn on the recommendation of, and in consultation with, the Department of Agriculture, Landcare and Cape Nature. Cape Winelands Fire and Rescue and a Working on Fire (WOF) were on site to monitor the burn. Monitoring continued for 36 hours to ensure that there were no flare-ups. The area burned included the Renosterveld on the neighbouring farm, Bosman Family Vineyards.”

Mr Le Roux apologised if any institution or person in the Wellington environment was inconvenienced by the smoke of the controlled ecological burn.

“However, we can not allow this rare cultural heritage and eco-sensitive piece of veld to disappear.

“We hope the public will understand and support us in this conservation initiative.”