Containment measures implemented

All staff have been briefed on Covid-19 and infection control.

Strict hand wash protocols for staff have been implemented.

Any staff member that presents with flu like symptoms to report to their direct supervisor.

Any staff member exposed to family coming from abroad to stay at home for a period of 14 days and will be screened prior to returning to work. Should any symptoms present the staff member will stay at home for an additional 14 days.

All staff are required to report to the designated Covid-19 committee person should they have been in contact with an infected person or visited a centre of treatment of Covid-19 patients, be it in isolation, quarantine or a medical facility.

All HSFA building projects, unit refurbishments, non-critical repairs and maintenance, and garden services inside premises, have been suspended until further notice.

Posters have been placed at all entrances.

Information flyers have been distributed.

All activities, meetings, and shopping trips have been cancelled.

All libraries have been closed.

All Vonke Park and Silver Oaks service centre services, such as nail care and hairdressing, have been discontinued until further notice.

Special permission is required in advance from operations and risk manager, Alta Allen, for external visitors.

Rika Rodd or Alta Allen must be informed of all resident’s travel arrangements, and specifically, return date.

Residents returning from travels to affected areas, should be in contact with the HSFA Covid-19 committee prior to their return. Each case with will dealt with on its merits.