Connected Learning

Vuma brings free 1Gbps fibre to Paul Roos Gymnasium
Connected Learning

Vuma brings free 1Gbps fibre to Paul Roos Gymnasium

A fast, reliable and affordable fibre internet connection – both in the classroom and at home – is crucial for facilitating continuous online learning, to help minimise the impact that COVID-19 has had on the education system. Access to superfast fibre connectivity also enables a more streamlined, efficient, and seamless learning experiences.

Fibre to schools

Fibre is also gradually making its way into more schools around the country, as institutions expand curriculums to include e-learning initiatives to bring classrooms into the digital era. Vuma’s Fibre to Schools programme has supported this vision, in its ongoing pledge to provide schools on its existing deployment route with a free 1Gbps fibre connection. Many educators have expressed the belief that this will be a saving grace for learning institutions, during and after the national lockdown. 

“The importance of connectivity as an enabler of education cannot be underestimated,” says Dietlof Mare, CEO of Vuma. “There has never been a greater need for fast and reliable connectivity in the educational environment, and investing in this infrastructure is the critical first step to opening up the world of opportunities connectivity presents to both learners and educators. This is an undertaking very close to our hearts at Vuma, and we strive to continue to deliver connectivity to as many students and teachers as possible: our mantra being because we can, we must.”

“I remember going into the first meeting thinking this must be too good to be true: Turns out, it’s not. Vumatel provided the school with a superfast, uncapped internet for free,” says Louis van Der Merwe, Paul Roos Gymnasium IT. “The benefits to Paul Roos Gymnasium are immense, especially in times when budgets are under pressure. All learners and teachers are now efficiently connected with online learning platforms and e-resources. This brings a whole new dimension to our teaching, which is essential in the world of today.” 

Having piloted the Fibre to Schools programme with Greenside High, Hoërskool Linden and Parkhurst Primary School in 2016, Vuma – in partnership with internet service providers in its network – has since connected over 390 South African schools across Johannesburg, Ekurhuleni, Cape Town and KwaZulu-Natal.

With a superfast, reliable fibre connection, schools can equip classrooms with smart devices and interactive platforms, ensuring learners have access to crucial e-learning opportunities and a wealth of information online, without interruption and low connections. Learners can now work efficiently and easily, enjoy access to a wealth of information at their fingertips, as well as take an interest in tech-related subjects and disciplines, which are vital for the future of the SA economy. 

For schools to qualify as beneficiaries of this initiative, the school must be a primary or high school registered with the Department of Basic Education or the Independent Examinations Board (IEB). Vuma is committed to installing the fibre line into the school at no cost and will not charge the school any rental fees for the use of the infrastructure. 

In addition to the free 1Gbps fibre line provided by Vuma, the school will also be able to enjoy a free 1Gbps internet data package from participating internet service providers.

Visit for more information, or email to find out if your school qualifies for a free fibre line from Vuma.