Concern over plastic bags

Steve Jones, Helderberg

I am very concerned about the huge number of single use plastic bags that are irresponsibly supplied by supermarkets.

Other than the community of Greyton and the Spar in Hout Bay there seem to be no other retail outlets locally that do not sell disposable plastic bags. Thousands of bags end up in our rivers and in the sea, they litter the countryside, and are ingested by sea animals and birds.

It defies logic. We are ruining our environment. The vast Pacific Garbage Patch, which is double the size of Texas, is a good example of what happens when the use of plastic is not controlled.

I would very much like to see one or two supermarkets in the Helderberg area follow Greyton’s lead, and I would be interested to know from Bolander or its readers how shops might be encouraged to stop offering plastic bags. Perhaps there a Spar, Checkers or PicknPay manager out there who would be prepared to set an example?

In the meantime, I appeal to people to buy re-usable bags or use cardboard boxes which are usually available from shelf packers.