Coincidence with bills?

Lizette de Jager, Somerset West

Referring to the letter “Report of water theft” (Bolander June 20)by Dr Janet Hodgson, I have to report a strange coincidence.

We have exactly the same bill as Dr Hodgson for the period April19 to May 19. water R2 278.66 (23,000kl); and sewage: R1 019.09.

For the previous period, March 21to April 4, our water bill was R255.01.

And we were also away on holiday from April 29 to May 7.

Furthermore, my husband and I also live in a small gated village.

I feel that locks on the outside water taps are not necessary.

I expect an explanation from The City of Cape Town.

Bolander forwarded this letter to the City of Cape Town.

Joe Campbell’s letter (“Railway bridge fiasco”, Bolander June 20) should have included the subject: Broadway Dualling Project.We apologise for the omission – Ed.