Climate change talk at Mensa

Professor Dan Baird

To what extent do you agree that climate change is a common phenomenon, and that mathematical modelling of ecosystems will solve all environmental problems? Professor Dan Baird, from Stellenbosch University’s department of botany and zoology, will be speaking about coastal ecosystems, energy and climate at Mensa Winelands’ monthly meeting on Thursday November 21, at 7.15pm, in Somerset West, and will explore these sentiments, as well as debunk some of the myths and commonly-held beliefs around climate change and coastal ecosystems. An author and co-author of several books, his field of specialisation and expertise is in the field of biomathematics, which includes ecosystem theory, analysis and modelling; population dynamics; fisheries science; water quality and nutrient dynamics of coastal ecosystems; and coastal zone ecology and management. To attend the meeting as Mensa’s guest, contact for venue details.