City announces Level 5 water restrictions

Picture: Ayanda Ndamane/ANA Picture

Level 5 water restrictions were implemented with immediate effect, in a press release from the City of Cape Town on Sunday.

The 87 litre per person per day limit remains in effect, and there will be further efforts to drive down overall consumption to 500 million litres (ML) per day, and further pressure management measures will be implemented.

There is a new emphasis on capping excessive water use at domestic household level, and additional restrictions on commercial use.

Augmentation measures to supplement water supply from non-surface sources by up to 500ML per day are underway.

The commercial property sector – which includes offices and small businesses, but excludes industrial properties – is identified as needing to reduce monthly consumption by 20% compared with a year ago.

The sector is urged to promote water-saving habits among staff and facility managers, and to install water-efficient plumbing fittings and water-saving devices.

Domestic consumption is now capped at an upper limit of 20kl per month per household, with fines in the region of R5 000 and R10 000 anticipated.

Continued non-compliance will result in the installation of a demand management device, the cost of which will be billed to the account holder.

Visit for water-saving tips.

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