Christmas lunch for children in need

Any donations towards the menu of the Christmas lunch will be appreciated, says the NPO.

The Beverly Hills Community Civic and Housing Forum, a NPO in the Strand, Helderberg area is appealing for any assistance to host a Christmas lunch for needy children in their community.

“We have a feeding scheme, whereby we assist the homeless and needy in our community by making food for them.

“As the community leaders of the Housing and Feeding Scheme at Beverly Hills, Strand we humbly reach out to anyone who can assist us with donations to make this lunch possible,” requested Stephanie Jansen, founder of the NPO.

The lunch is planned for Sunday December 5 and will aim to cater for 250-300 children in their community.

They appeal for donations of chicken, rice, tomato puree, potatoes, spices and anything towards the contents of party packs they plan to distribute among the children. The content include; small juice boxes, ice lollies, chips, fizzer sweets, any other sweets, lollipops, cupcakes and fruit.

Monetary donations says the organisation are welcome. To make donations contact Stephanie on 078 906 7193 or Carmen Saayman on 072 521 5750.