‘Christmas boxes’ not compulsory for City staff

Residents are advised that it is not compulsory to give cash donations, or “Christmas boxes” to the City’s solid waste management staff and contractors.

The City of Cape Town has a policy in place which prohibits staff and contractors from soliciting “Christmas boxes”, or money from residents. However, residents are welcome to give a voluntary cash donation, or a box of goodies. 

“The City has previously received reports of residents being asked, at times aggressively, for ‘Christmas boxes’ or donations. In some instances, threats were directed towards residents that their refuse will not be collected if the demand for a ‘Christmas box,’ or money was not met. This is patently untrue – residents will continue to have their refuse bins serviced throughout the festive season, as always.

“All staff have been reminded that soliciting for ‘Christmas boxes’ and donations is prohibited. Should residents wish to reward good service provided, they may of course give staff a voluntary donation, or a ‘Christmas box’ as a gesture of goodwill and appreciation.

“However, under no circumstances should residents feel compelled to do so,” said the City’s mayoral committee member for water and waste, Xanthea Limberg. 

Residents can report workers who request “Christmas boxes” or donations to the call centre on 0860 103 089 from 8am 4.30pm. 

In addition to the date, time and place of the incident, a vehicle registration number should be provided so that the culprits can be identified. Residents can also send an email to wastewise.user@capetown.gov.za 

Such reports will be investigated immediately and, where residents are willing to testify, the City will be able to take appropriate disciplinary action. 

Residents should also be aware that certain opportunists attempt to pose as collections staff at this time of year. If residents suspect that the people who approach them are misrepresenting themselves, the matter should be reported to the South African Police Service. 

Refuse Collection Service 

The City’s Solid Waste department will be collecting refuse in the scheduled areas, on the public holidays: December 16, 25, 26, and January 1. 

Residents are advised to leave their wheelie bins out on the kerb side, at first light. Being a public holiday, teams will be collecting refuse early in the morning. This will allow them to finish work as quickly as possible and head home to their loved ones.