Chess champs

■ Four pupils from Parel Vallei High School in Somerset West – two sets of brothers – Darrel and Dylan Mudhoni and Dafydd and Joel Lee, took part in the Rapid and Blitz chess tournament on Wednesday March 21, at the Aristea Primary School in Kuils River. Even though the tournament tested their chess skills under tight time controls, the brothers stood their ground, made the right moves and achieved the following: In the under-18 Rapid tournament, with a time restriction of 20 minutes a side, Joel Lee received a gold medal and Dylan Mudhoni a silver medal. Darrel Mudhoni claimed gold in the under-15 Rapid section. In the Blitz tournament, with a time restriction of five minutes a side, Dafydd Lee won a gold medal and Joel Lee a silver medal. Dafydd Lee also won a gold medal in the Western Province open chess tournament in the 1 000 rating section.