Charity breakfast unites community to support survivors of sexual abuse

Chantell Davis and Amanda Jones at the function.
From left, Kevin Davis, Chantell Davis and Dawie Roodt.

On Wednesday October 18, a gathering of distinguished guests converged for a purpose-driven business breakfast, to raise awareness.

Chantell Davis, a semi-finalist in the Mrs. Universe South Africa pageant, demonstrated her unwavering commitment to the community, with a particular focus on raising awareness about the critical issue of gender-based violence and abuse.

Her chosen charitable cause is PATCH Helderberg, an organisation that has been steadfastly serving the community since its inception in June 1992, providing essential prevention, therapeutic, medical, and court support to child victims of rape and sexual abuse.

Notably, PATCH remains the sole institution in the Helderberg area of Cape Town offering these critical services to children, even after 31 years of operation.

The “Beyond Business” Breakfast event cast a spotlight on the pressing issue of child sexual abuse in the Helderberg region.

Organised as a charity breakfast, and featuring special guest Dawie Roodt, the occasion successfully raised vital funds to bolster PATCH’s mission in delivering crucial support to children who have endured child sexual abuse.

Kevin Davis, a local pastor, businessman, and host of Beyond Business, emphasised: “I am resolute in my determination to heighten awareness and cultivate sustainable solutions to combat the pervasive and damaging effects of Gender-Based Violence (GBV) and child abuse.”

Together, Kevin and Chantell extended an open invitation to all community members, urging them to join hands in a collective effort to raise their voices and bring about positive, enduring change within the community and society at large.

The breakfast gathering transcended the boundaries of a conventional event, fostering an atmosphere of compassion and advocacy, and is a compelling call to action for the local community.

The event also provided invaluable networking opportunities, allowing participants to connect with like-minded individuals passionate about addressing this urgent issue.

Individuals and businesses interested in contributing to PATCH’s mission can make donations or visit their website at