Cellmast outrage

This cellphone tower, erected on the grounds of the NG Kerk in Firmount Road, Somerset West, has drawn criticism from local residents.

Jeremy Wilmot, Somerset West

I wish to express my absolute disappointment with the NG Kerk gemeente in Firmount Road, Somerset West, for allowing a cellphone tower to be built on their property to the detriment of the surrounding neighbours.

They told me that it looks beautiful, and was for the community’s benefit, that supposedly has extremely bad cellphone reception. I reject the community benefit notion, because:

Cellphones have been around for some time, so why now has the church suddenly become community involved to help solve the so-called reception problem. From personal contractual experience, I know how much money can be made from allowing a cellphone tower to be built on business premises, so maybe that is the real reason for allowing it to be erected.

Only 11 house owners were contacted in this regard, the majority of which do not have any view at all and the others live overseas. Those who did complain did not change anything as the project still continues.

It was deemed unnecessary to contact anyone overlooking the church property, living on the hillside.

My house does overlook the area and now my view/horizon, consists of a cellphone tower, which is totally unacceptable.

I bought this property as it had a lovely view across the bay, but this tower has caused my property’s value to depreciate, and my view to be diminished.

My local councillor, Gregory Peck, advised me that if I tried to take this matter to court, I would be wasting my retirement money, and my time, as it has been approved and that’s that. The local council development manager told me that the only way to stop or remove the tower is to obtain an urgent court interdict; otherwise it is a fait accompli.

So it seems that I, and many others, have no recourse, and have to look at this monstrosity for the rest of our lives.