Celebration of art

Yvonne Thomson, artist Rix Wellmann, and Gigi Wellmann.

A collaboration of six artists presented an exhibition of another kind on Saturday March 24 and Sunday March 25 at the home of art curator, Antonia Schaefer, in Somerset West.

A warm and welcoming atmosphere embraced a wide range of mixed people of many art lovers, friends and family.

The artists engaged with the viewers and many inspirational talks and discussions about the meaning of art in general
and personal happened during the event.

The guests liked the variety of art displayed and the way
they could relate to pieces, which were quite different from each other.

It was a lively, happy and relaxed atmosphere, where everyone enjoyed the venue saying “it was relaxing, open, had lovely light”, what enhanced their experience because it wasn’t sterile or intimidating or commercial in feel.

The artists involved were:

Nina Ruch, painting in oil. Her expressive and colourful images showing dreamlike sceneries of people, animals and nature, which leads the viewer wanting to dive into them.

Rix Wellman, known for her plant and big tree paintings, showing her newest creations of sculptured wild dogs, which was a real highlight on the exhibit.

Alaya Rousseau, an art and design student from Stellenbosch showed her fascinating charcoal and pencil drawings as well as her fine flowing colourful watercolour paintings.

Diane Harper, who showcased her gentle blue line of fine ceramics.

Katharine Ambrose, who presented her captivating African themed acrylic and oil paintings of landscapes and sceneries celebrating the beauty of the colours of Africa.

Antonia Schaefer, who displayed her curated work of Marie Stander, famous for her charcoal drawings, the photographer Caroline Gibello with her unique and mystical wildlife sceneries and Kris Roussow, admired around the globe for his photographs where the lines between photograph and painting are perfectly blurred.

With every art piece sold at the event, the artists supported the charity association Mama Themba, which is part of the non-profit Thembalitsha Foundation based in Cape Town and Somerset West.

The event was a true celebration of art and the excitement and success will continue with more of this kind in the Helderberg area in the future.

Contact Antonia at antonia@uthandoubomi.co.za or visit www.uthandoubomi.co.za for upcoming events and available art.