Cat magnet

Joyce Beeton, Somerset West

It seems as though felines are drawn to my house – I noticed a black/grey kitty roaming around a day or two ago, and did not take much notice as thought it belonged to a neighbour as it seemed to enter the premises of a house not far from ours.

Yesterday it was here again, and when I called to it the cat came to me and followed me inside.

It was extremely hungry and thirsty so it was obviously lost.

However, the cat is in very good condition and is friendly and very affectionate, and must therefore have an owner somewhere.

I have placed a photo of the cat on our neighbourhood “blog” and also sent a photo of it to “Lost and Found Pets”. No response as yet.

I was wondering whether I could please ask you once again to put this photo in your newspaper, as it definitely is the best way to get the word around – given the success in finding the owner of a previous cat we found in the area.

As far as I can tell it is a female and it was wandering around the Riesling Street/Vergenoegd Street area in Steynsrust.

I can be contacted at 021 855 3637 or 082 708 9281.