Camino convert

The writer, with the family of Cape Camino guide Brent Thomas of Hout Bay: sons Mishack and Jeshurun, and wife Donita.

Phil DuBert, Somerset West

I would like to respond to “Walker’s Woes” (Bolander September 26).

In his letter, Len Walker assumed, erroneously, that “a similar type Camino walking trail could never be replicated in South Africa”.

If Mr Walker had bothered to simply Google the words “Camino” and “South Africa”, he would have discovered that there already is a Cape Camino that has been in existence since 2015.

Furthermore, he imagines that if such a trail existed, there would be any number of assaults, rapes and murders. Over 600 people have walked it, including myself, and as of today, none of us have been assaulted, raped or murdered!

Wisely, the Cape Camino website ( advises to walk in groups, as well as to hire local guides, vetted by the association.

However, I chose to walk 153km around the Cape Camino by myself last month, and at no time did I feel threatened or mistreated. On the contrary, I met many wonderful, kind people who showed the better side of South Africa.

While I do appreciate the fact that many hikers, runners, and cyclists have suffered unjustly while out enjoying the natural beauty of South Africa, it doesn’t help when people like Mr Walker, jump to false conclusions and imagine crimes that haven’t been committed.

The Cape is incredibly beautiful, and anyone who chooses to believe Mr Walker,
will miss out on any number of amazing experiences.

I have attached a photo of myself with the family of Cape Camino guide Brent Thomas of Hout Bay. Peace.