Call to work together

Dr Bernhard Ficker, Somerset West

With reference to your query regarding my involvement with Helderberg College, I wish to say that for the past quarter of a century I have in no way been connected or involved with the college as an institution.

Before that time I was involved with the college.

I have been a resident of Somerset West for more than half a century.

During this time I have seen Somerset West and surroundings develop from a small, sleepy village to a wide spread residential area spreading north, south, east and west.

At each stage of the expansion of this sleepy village I have read the objections that were listed.

They have always been basically the same. As they say, there is nothing new under the sun.

The objections listed against the development of the college property represent nothing new.

The municipality has guidelines regarding traffic, denseness, and so forth.

History of our area has shown that while some folk may temporarily delay a development, they have normally been unable to stop it in the long run.

So lets rather work with the college in getting a viable development going rather than simply trying to block everything.

Folk who are totally against any further developments should think of moving to Rooi Els, Pringle Bay or Betties Bay, where the chances of development beyond the existing plots are very slim.