Bolander shines

Johan van Zyl,
Gordon’s Bay

This is a short note of appreciation for the outstanding Bolander of May 8.

Bolander has always been top class, but this time around I think it outshines previous issues in respect of topical letters and
other informative articles.

The beautiful cover picture stops the reader in awe at the wonders
of nature, even before the turn of the first page.

Thanks to the letters column my sympathies go out to the interested and affected parties in the housing estate concerns in the Helderberg.

In this issue, I have at last learnt something about the awkward fibre situation.

Your formidable reporter cum sub-
editor has once again come up with a stirling effort.

The article on the environment, accompanied by some striking pictures, comes at a time when a wake up call is seriously required.

I am privileged in having made the acquaintence of the guest speaker, Dr Wallace Vosloo, at an earlier meeting.

There are other
fine items I have
not mentioned

Thank you to all you writers and staff
for your inputs in this and forthcoming