Blood bank sounds urgent call for donors

The Western Cape Blood Service says it is seeing the effect of the winter weather on its blood stocks, which are critically low.Picture: ANA Photographers

The Western Cape Blood Service (WCBS) is appealing to all donors to donate blood as blood stocks are critically low.

“The winter is having a severe effect on our bloodstocks, and we are amidst a severe blood stock shortage”, says WCBS spokeswoman Marike Carli.

There is a critical shortage in the O and B blood groups, with only a two-day supply left.

The A-positive blood stocks are also under severe pressure as only a three-day supply is left.

The WCBS always aims to have a blood stock level of five days.

The service says the winter weather is not conducive to going out, and with the continuing storms in Cape Town, it is seeing the effects on its blood stocks.

Blood donors can also not donate while ill with colds and flu.

June is National Blood Donor Month, which raises awareness about the importance of voluntary blood donation.

Thousands of patients require a life-saving blood transfusion daily in South Africa.

To further raise awareness, WCBS will join myrun at its various events across the province on Sunday June 25.

“We are encouraging everyone to join as we celebrate the remarkable act of saving lives through blood donation,” said Ms Carli.

The WCBS encourages everyone to dress in red or any hero attire to fit the theme: “Be a local hero and donate blood”.

On the day, capes will be distributed to all participants to symbolise that all blood donors are heroes.

For more information or to find your closest blood donation clinic, visit, or download the WCBS app. Participants can register for the myrun

race by visiting