Black-owned wine farm brings together local communities

Seven Sisters chief executive officer, Vivian Kleynhans.

Seven Sisters Vineyards will be hosting Stellenbosch’s very first Wine and Crayfish Festival in the Welmoed Valley on Saturday December 14.

The event creates a platform for local wine, food and product producers to engage with communities directly and promote their businesses.

Over 20 local vendors and startups will be represented at the event, as well as local bands and artists.

“We have recognised the need to create exposure for black-owned wineries and black entrepreneurs as a whole. We value change and transformation in the wine and agriculture industry, as well as for other small businesses,” says Vivian Kleynhans, founder and chief executive officer of Seven Sisters Vineyards.

Ten local black female-owned wineries will offer wine tastings and share their winemaking
stories with attendees at the event.

The festival aims to be an inclusive space, one that families from every community are welcome to attend. 

Ms Kleynhans says that, growing up in Paternoster, crayfish wasn’t seen as a luxury – it was a staple food and means of survival. “By bringing together wine and crayfish, the festival marries two different worlds – the West Coast and the winelands. It’s never been done this way before, and it’s a cause that’s very close to my heart,” says Ms Kleynhans. 

Visitors can expect crayfish prepared in several different ways, including steamed and seasoned, grilled, curried, potjie and crayfish cakes.

Other food options include mussels, smoked fish, paella, mixed seafood potjie, oysters and traditional fish and chips.

“With this event, we will be able to give exposure to Stellenbosch, the winelands and our farm, the only black-owned wine farm in Stellenbosch with a tourism facility where we grow wine grapes, do wine tastings and food and wine pairings,” says Ms Kleynhans. 

Tickets available from Quicket. Each ticket includes a wine glass and several wine tasters. Halaal food and fish alternatives will also be on offer. Children under 13 years old enter free.

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