Bird of prey sanctuary in need of help

A baby barn owl, with its downy plumage.

Tracy Chalmers: Director, Eagle Encounters

As I’m sure Bolander readers already know, Eagle Encounters is a wildlife rescue, rehabilitation, conservation, education and ecotourism organisation specialising in birds of prey.

Eagle Encounters have been operating without any form of income since the start of the Covid-19 lockdown, despite having 200+ animals for which to provide shelter, food and medical care at any given time.

We also still have our rescue vehicle on the road, so birds and animals are still arriving for rehabilitation on a daily basis.

We started a crowdfunding campaign on Backabuddy in an effort to raise funds for our ongoing work and are most grateful to those of our supporters who have already donated.

Sadly, a “call centre” going by the name of ‘Theunlimited Aos1117’ has managed to hack into our account through the bank, and relieved us of a chunk of these desperately needed funds.

We don’t have a card on this account, so the hack wasn’t done with a card / pin number.

I have reported it to the bank’s Fraud Division and we are now waiting.

Unfortunately, this leaves Eagle Encounters in the predicament of having to pay handlers and all other expenses with limited funds.

Considering that there are so few people / organisations that have the knowledge and expertise to do the work that we do, it would be a travesty if Eagle Encounters became just another statistic.

Any and all donations to keep us running would be most appreciated.

Please contact us for bank details or more information at 084 584 3684.