Big Blue is no more

The demolition of Big Blue, the ablution facilities at Strand Beach, which took place on Tuesday morning. Picture: Rob Minter

The City of Cape Town has undertaken emergency repairs along Beach Road, Strand. An 80-metre section of the sea wall and pedestrian sidewalk along Beach Road in Strand is severely damaged, and parts have collapsed due to ongoing erosion at the toe of the structure and persistent wave action. The project will include the construction of a short-term, temporary gabion structure as interim measure to replace collapsed parts of the sea wall and to protect existing services; the repair and realignment of existing stormwater kerb and channel; the re-routing of existing services along the damaged section of the sea wall; and repair sidewalks, kerbs, and road surfacing. Construction is expected to be complete in 10 weeks, weather permitting, and keeping in mind that the site is impacted daily by high tide, and tidal influence.