Biblical garden

Jack Carstens: David and Jonathan Foundation / Salem Biblical Garden

I read with great interest of Professor Martin Klingbeil’s biblical archaeological lecture (Bolander, December 14).

I am aware of the finds mentioned in the article, and have visited many sites during the dozens of trips I have made to Israel since 1976, when I was stationed there at the South African Embassy.

Since my retirement in 2010 I bought some land in Agter Paarl, and have been developing the Salem Biblical Garden there for the past few years.

It is fashioned along a garden developed by Dr Jim Flemming and Dr Randall Smith located between Jerusalem and Bethlehem during the 1970s.

My garden has as its core an evangelical route, as it has about 10 exhibits depicting some of the main stories from the Bible from Genesis to Revelation – the idea being to create a reality around the Bible, especially for our youth.

I am particularly interested in obtaining copies of the “living stones” that corroborate the Bible narrative, like the David stone, the Pontius Pilate inscription from Caesarea, and other artefacts that make the case for the Bible all the more compelling.